Why is the Whip arriving in Liquid form?

Wisconsin weather, my friends. Wisconsin weather.
As advertised, we are truly transparent so what you read on the label is EXACTLY what is in our products. No more. No less.
In the case of Mother Loving Whip; there are no emulsifiers or thickeners on the label so these ingredients (and their properties) are not present in our product.
That said, our Original Whip is susceptible to melting during transit. This melting occurs because the “solids” in the butter have melting points lower than the temperatures to which they have been subjected. To be clear, melting points of the ingredients are as follows:
  • Cocoa Butter 93-101 degrees
  • Shea Butter 89-100 degrees
  • Coconut Oil 76 degrees
  • Grapeseed Oil liquid at room temperature

So here we are at your mailbox with a soupy, melted product neither of us did anticipated.
All is not lost! if you put that liquid mess into the refrigerator you will soon have an uber effective salve that is a bit more oily than the Whip we shipped from Cedarburg but incredibly effective nonetheless.
Naturally melting wont be an issue as soon as the weather cools.
September, Mother Loving Potions is ready for you (but we would all be happy if the weather stagnated right there without going any further).

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