a Day at Old Homestead

Yesterday J and I forged through the storms to check out our shelved product at the Orchard Store at Old Homestead and ended up having an incredible day we will not soon forget.DSC_0320

Despite the weather we were in great company- loads of excited midwesterners donned their rain-gear and gumboots to brave the wet weather and enjoy their first trip of the year to the Orchard. It was clear we weren’t the only family counting down the days until opening weekend!

Inside the store Mother Loving Whip for purchase was beautifully displayed alongside a sample jar and a bit of info about our mission. 


DSC_0388The Orchard Store also has an enormous variety of local products from honey to popcorn to candles, jams, jellies, pickles, and so, so much more. Although the store boasted something for everyone in a relatively small space, I noticed the environment did NOT have the overwhelming scent or chaos we often experience in similar spaces. J chose a honey lollipop and one of the very friendly staff opened it for him as soon as Mom said it was “okay”.DSC_0389Next we ventured outside to see the poultry zoo and it was difficult for J to say “goodbye” to the friendly chickens… Until I told him they were making fresh kettle corn out back, that is!

We then ventured down the hill to the sunflower field where J clipped two of his own (with a little help) before proudly handing them to me, taking them back, then dropping them in a bushel and letting Mom carry them to the car. This morning he was still talking about “pushing” the clippers so it seems to have made a great impression.

When we returned to the store we noticed the face-painter had arrived and J was proud to be the first in line to become a dinosaur! I can’t say enough good things about the patience or talent of the face painter while working on a two-year-old as he tried to peek behind her at the people entering and exiting the store.

We headed back into the Old Homestead Orchard’s food area for a very delicious, very special cookie before returning back down to the orchard.

We found plenty of perfectly ripe, low hanging fruit and J thought the apples were delicious enough to finish an entire Zestar on site despite just having finished his gigantic cookie!

We returned back to the store one more time to eat lunch and pick up one more cookie to take home to N. All-in-all we spent about three hours at the Orchard on a gloomy, rainy day. I can’t wait to see what else we get to enjoy when the weather cooperates!

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