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coming soon door posterBy now you have probably heard we are set to open shop in downtown Cedarburg in just a few weeks. To be completely honest I never envisioned this for my family and I did not set out to do anything exceptional when I addressed the discomfort of my baby’s skin.

I am a stay-at-home-mom and I am completely happy being just that. I am my son’s mom. I am everything I need to be- I’m his. He will only be little for a little while and I have the rest of my life to do “me” things…

But then this Mother Loving Potions thing started to gain traction. We started helping more people with similar issues and realized we can really do some good in the world through donating part of our sales to children’s charities as well as offering solutions to other frustrated families. We can improve our community by providing accommodations where I feel we struggle and we can provide our kiddos a little space to breathe in our beautiful historic district. (I mean… my toddler will be there… so…)

I want this space to be a no-judgement place we can simply be and really embrace our community. We focus on handmade, honest skincare and offer a variety of products to suit your individual needs and preferences. We offer a kids’ play nook so you can take a load off while you peruse our store and sample our product. We also happily offer a nursing space to anyone who needs it. We don’t judge bottle-fed or nursed. We happily embrace gold-fish, lolli-pops, protein bars, and kale.

I am also very excited to offer hot towel product sampling. For a small fee we welcome you to try a single full application of any of our products while reclined in a comfy chair. You will be provided with a small bowl of product and hot towels to enhance your experience. I am exceptionally excited about our quick masks (because who has time for one at home?) and our peppermint Tired Tootsies. Just think: kids busy, face mask on, feet nourished, hot drink, hot towel….

I look forward to welcoming you into our shop. Cedarburg is a lovely place to be and you can spend an entire day (or weekend) shopping on Washington Avenue. Every store has its own unique charm and I am happy to say we have found our niche.

Welcome to Our Tribe

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