Opening Weekend Thank-You!

Thank You for the incredible opening weekend! We had a blast meeting new friends and sharing our mission.

We truly appreciate your support and interest and we cannot wait to see where this incredible community takes us!

Never too young to experience quality skincare, these girls enjoyed our Spirulina Mask and hot towels after a long morning at play practice.
A dear friend made these cookies in her home. Such talent from such an amazing soul.
The Shinery is an incredible family-owned business with wonderful staff and great product. These are people we feel lucky to know. On this particular evening banjo picking entertained the Littles while adults were able to sample and shop.
Thank You to our people for welcoming us with open arms. Amy’s Apples are a great way to show the love!
The shirt reads: “Can’t We All Just Get Along?” The conversation between these two was absolutely beautiful.

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