My Heart is Overflowing

When I welcome people into our store I always start with “I am a mom first…” and usually end the introduction with something like “…Since I was given an opportunity to do something incredible I figured I had to give it a shot.”

After-all I have been where these people are. I know how helplessness feels. Photographs and visits from humans suffering have truly broken my heart and I never quite stop thinking about their struggles.

And then there is this. THIS! This is why we do what we do. I am a mother first and I am completely fulfilled being “just” a SAHM but I have been given an opportunity to help people who have exhausted their options.

Is it a miracle? Absolutely not… But it IS what works for our family.

A little girl’s mother messaged me nearly two weeks ago to inquire about our Original Whip. This afternoon she sent me this “update” picture after using the product for about a week.

My heart is absolutely overflowing.

THIS is why we do what we do. Sure we donate to charity every month and it’s super cool that my toddler told me he’s “proud of [me],” but the real success is offering answers to people struggling and the opportunity to expand our Tribe.

Thank You for sharing your success, Mama! I hope this momentum continues to carry for your Little. Please keep us posted!

(approx. 1 week later)

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