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Hello, my friends! My name is Elise Malik and I am just an average, thirty-something, middle-class, middle-American mom of a beautiful three year old boy named James. My background is not quite what you would expect in this space; I have spent a considerable portion of my adult life living the Middle East, Far East, and traveling the world. I never would have envisioned this life for myself but I guess we never quite know our purpose is until it finds us. This reality is so much sweeter than anything I ever envisioned… and I found it only two counties away from where I was raised.

I was given the opportunity to do something incredible. I knew I couldn’t let it go.

I found my meaning of life when my son was born in 2016. I am sure I did not exist before him and I am positive I was made to be his. The 29 years I breathed before James only prepared me to be his protector, guide, and partner in crime. Technically I am a millennial but our lifestyle is not particularly “crunchy”. James survived eating pigeon poop in India so I’m pretty sure he’s indestructible. When my baby’s beautiful skin was angry and could not be soothed by conventional methods I figured it was safe to play around with ingredients in my kitchen and it was there, on Mulberry Avenue, that our business began although the word “business” never crossed my mind at the time. My interest in homeopathy and skincare was not a choice so much as it was necessity. I couldn’t find a solution so I created one.

I was consistently cooking up our recipe for about a year or so when we realized our solution worked for friends too. I began selling our Original Whip on a local buy/sell/trade site and we started donating 10% of our sales to charity at inception. Within a few weeks of introducing the public to our “home remedy” we were being carried at Droughtville Farms in Racine County. Within six weeks we had a wonderful opportunity to open our store in Historic Cedarburg and we jumped in with both feet.

In the last few months of 2018 we managed to donate nearly $1,500 to children’s charities. I have created countless custom-products for individual needs and I can truthfully say I FEEL like I have made a difference. My son tells me he’s proud. What else can I say?

Interested in the even longer story?  We have got you covered!

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