Bar Soap: Handmade (Tea Tree Peppermint essential oil)


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Wholesome, handmade, honest, long-lasting, and natural. Our soap bars are made with love and encourage your skin’s natural balance without the harsh stripping of natural oils.

Did you know? Real soap doesn’t require an ingredient list since it is regulated by the FDA differently? If what you are buying in the store has a loooooong list of ingredients then it truly is not soap.

“Whether a product is a “soap” in the traditional sense, or is really a synthetic detergent, helps determine how the product is regulated. So, let’s take a look at how “soap” is defined in FDA’s regulations;

To meet the definition of soap in FDA’s regulations, a product has to meet three conditions: 


  1. What it’s made of: To be regulated as “soap,” the product must be composed mainly of the “alkali salts of fatty acids,” that is, the material you get when you combine fats or oils with an alkali, such as lye.

  2. What ingredients cause its cleaning action: To be regulated as “soap,” those “alkali salts of fatty acids” must be the only material that results in the product’s cleaning action. If the product contains synthetic detergents, it’s a cosmetic, not a soap. You still can use the word “soap” on the label. 

  3. How it’s intended to be used: To be regulated as soap, it must be labeled and marketed only for use as soap.”

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Weight 6 oz

saponified coconut oil, soybean oil, sodium hydroxide, tea tree essential oil

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