Charcoal Mask: Erase the Chaos


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Charcoal is a hot topic for a reason. The activated charcoal in this mask acts as a magnet to pulls toxins and imperfections from the skin. Sensitive skin-types may want to use it every few days while individuals on the more oily end of the spectrum may enjoy it daily. Mom loves this mask for break-outs, application to misquote bites, bee stings, and a regular facial deep cleanse. The combination of pure ingredients, oils, and vitamins nourish the skin while refining the pores. The best part? This mask takes only 30-60 seconds to work so it’s a product you will actually have a chance to use!

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purified water, bentonite clay, avocado oil, safflower oil, activated charcoal (coconut), tea tree essential oil, jojoba oil, citric acid, germall plus, vitamins E tocopherols

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