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These bears are some of the best work I have ever witnessed and the artist who makes them has already been commissioned to make a quilt from J’s memory bin of clothing.

Laurie is a local mom whose love for sewing has grown into something really beautiful. For a truly fair price she will turn your basement “but I just loved this so much I can’t let it move on” bin into something you may actually keep in circulation.

The bears pictured here were sewn from infant garb but Laurie can sew literally anything you can dream up. Memory quilts and bears are only the beginning. Clients have had commissioned items sewn of loved ones’ clothing, old tee shirts, alterations, custom garments, and so much more. 

If our store sends Laurie your business we are able to donate our entire commission to our charity of the month so be sure to to remember and mention how you found her!

(FYI both bears pictured have happily survived hours of vigorous toddler soccer where they were used as the ball. They are not at all worse for wear. You need to come in to Mother Loving Potions to get your hands on them and understand the quality of this woman’s work.)

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