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  1. I adore the Mother Loving Original Whip! It is soft and creamy without being too greasy. The cocoa butter gives the cream a slight scent that reminds me of baking brownies! Yum! I love it!

  2. Love this product! Skin is smooth and hydrated, perfect after a day in the sun! Smells great too…natural scents of the oils and butters are perfect not overpowering. Can’t wait to purchase, will be great for our whole family!

  3. I have been using this for a couple days for my son’s eczema but am not seeing any improvement. I also find it to be a bit too greasy for our liking; he says he likes his other lotion. Does smell great though! Thanks for the trial.

    1. Thank You very much for your honest feedback, Megan! We understand finding the best product for every individual is difficult so we are happy you first tried a sample.
      We appreciate you and your son giving our product a go and hope you continue to see success with his other lotion! Thank You!

  4. “It smells like cookie dough!” Is what my six year old exclaimed as she rubbed in the lotion. And this mama is happy she likes a product with a short, sweet & ntural ingredient list!

  5. Have you ever been to Ghiradelli in Disney Springs or California? OHMYGOODNESS!!!! The scent of your Original Whip took us back to our favorite trips. Kapri is calling it magic whip. We notice it does absorb easily into our skin with out being too greasy. We will definitely be placing an order soon. Hoping to try the Mother Lightening Whip as well. Keep the products coming!!! 🙂

  6. I tried my sample the other day! Loved it! Left my skin soft but not greasy like some other natural products do. I also loved that the scent was very mild… making it easy to use as a carrier oil. Great job!

  7. The texture of this lotion is smooth and silky, better than many natural lotions I have tried. It is a little greasy, but that’s to be expected, it absorbs better and quicker than many natural lotions. Overall, I am really satisfied with the product, will purchase a larger size to see how my daughter’s sensitive skin responds to it over a longer period of time.

  8. Thank you for the sample. My son had an awful diaper rash due to dairy intolerance and it cleared it right up after using twice. I love the way it smells. It is quite greasy, but I found that it slathered onto my baby’s bum better that way. It did melt in my un-air conditioned home as well, would have loved for it to stay solid. Overall I would give it a solid B.

  9. By the time I was able to get it from my mailbox, it had melted a bit but it’s still helping my son’s cradle cap! I will probably try to pick it uo in person next time to get the whip texture but so far, I’m loving it!

  10. Love the smell and texture!! My daughter loves using it on her scratchy arms! I have also been using it on my son’s eczema which has helped keep the patches at bay!

  11. We love the Mother Loving Original Whip! After a summer of blistered and peeling feet on my 3 y/o, we found our solution. She can’t wait for her post bath “chocolate” lotion. With eczema and sensitive skin, we stay away from most other products. Finding one that works for her, that she likes to put on, and that I can use as well is a mom’s dream. Thank you!

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