the story

the very long story. of how we became to be.

Once upon a time in a Midwestern land called Wisconsin a young girl was so allergic she could not stand downwind from her neighbors’ horses without uncontrollable itching and an impressive asthma attack. She was allergic to grasses, weeds, trees, flowers, and animals. She was allergic to the outdoors.

Existence during summer months was rough but if you think freezing temperatures offered relief you are wrong. Allergies to indoor conditions during winter were just as paralyzing.

In the archaic days of the late 80s and early 90s dermatological, allergy, and asthma treatment consisted of ingestion of liquid Ventolin and Benadryl, plus Caladryl applied topically with a cotton ball. The Ventolin made the girl shake uncontrollably and occasionally vomit while the Benadryl fogged up her brain and the Caladryl offered almost no relief. Application of daily lotions and creams to hydrate and protect the skin stung but did offer some relief from the intolerable itching.

During childhood allergy testing the the girl’s father had to be forcefully removed from the room because he panicked at the size and rate of the girl’s reaction.

Fast forward several years. Medicine has improved. Daily asthma/allergy drugs help keep my conditions in check alongside rescue inhalers, nebulizers, Hydroxyzine, and Prednisone as needed for particularly bad flare-ups. Working with a wonderful team of allergy and asthma specialists I have gained ground with asthma treatment and we have found antihistamines that specifically target my “crawling” skin. That said, my skin remains sensitive and flares up after contact with certain substances, sweating, hormonal changes, shaving, and other random causes that I have not been able to identify.

When we tested my allergies as an adult the “Prick Test” resulted in an immediate vasovagal response; so rather than the usual twenty minute wait to evaluate results the allergy team only waited five before cleaning my skin and evaluating my reaction. fullsizeoutput_e46d

With oral antihistamines, ice packs, cold water, and prescription strength hydrocortisone my skin calmed down to this (pictured left) level by the end of my appointment.

After my personal experience with skin pain, itching, and irritation I felt I had a fair idea of what my Little was going through as we tried to calm his problematic skin.

As a rule whatever I put on his skin I apply to my own and I quickly realized the “healing” and “protective” products themselves often caused added discomfort.

The potions we develop have had no adverse reaction to either of us or any of our friends. We found something that works for our family and truly hope it works for yours too.

IMG_4576Did You Know? 

“Children with eczema are also more likely to have food allergies, such as to eggs, nuts, or milk.” (source) WebMD 

In February of 2016 I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy and we immediately found a need for an effective and sting-free product to treat my son’s sensitive, ashy skin and cradle cap.

I tried everything from the more “natural” products, to breast milk on the effected areas, to straight oils and scrubs before moving onto bigger brand-name pharmaceutical lotions and creams. Nothing truly solved our problem.

We tried bathing him more, we tried bathing him less. We spent a fortune going through products that would sting his skin and further upset him, not work entirely, or work for a bit but would ultimately leave us right back where we started. 

Meanwhile we were left with an uncomfortable baby, a small fortune in ineffective products, and such long lists of ingredients on the failed products that we could not isolate what was working for us and what was working against us. 

While we were trying (and failing) with mainstream alternatives I began mixing up my own concoctions to treat the redness, peeling patches, and inflammation. Why not, right? It’s not like we were getting anywhere on the conventional front.

Skincare Should Never Sting! 

… and before Mother Loving Potions everything we tried did.

Ultimately the best solution for our family was the simplest. What we now call “Mother Loving Original Whip” has withstood season changes, a growing boy, and Mom’s sensitive (and allergic) skin as well. 

We apply the original whip to friends when they visit and have received such rave reviews from fellow Mamas that we have now taken our “remedy” to a broader platform and help other frustrated families.
In addition to helping other families directly by offering our Mother Loving Potions for purchase we also “pay it forward” by donating 10% of all sales to children’s charities.


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